• Hey Siri, How Do I Find Friends After College?

    It is time for Recess.

  • What is Recess?

    Outdoor Game Sessions For Adults


    Our Recess Games Are 1 Hour, Social Fitness Sessions, Utilizing A Variety Of Your Favorite Playground Games.


    Not Athletic? Not A Problem!

    Meeting Friends Through Social Fitness For Everyone

    Have Fun, Meet People, and Get Some Exercise.

  • Tired Of Meeting People Online? Join a Recess Game

    The Healthy Way to "Squid Game"


    Find A Game Session

    Find an In-Person Game Session In Your City, Via Our Directory. You Just Need Yourself To Participate!


    Book Online

    Try Just 1 Game or Get A Pass! Book and Pay Completely Online. No Cash Needed.


    Let's Play!

    Instructor-Led, Our 'Recess Games' Are Social Fitness Sessions of Integrative, Classic Playground Games.

  • Sample Games Played In Our Sessions

    The Only Fun Way to Exercise.

    Capture The Flag

    Freeze Tag

    Tic Tac Toe


    Dodge Ball

    Red Light Green Light

    Duck Duck Goose

    Double Dutch

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Floor Is Lava

  • Childhood Is Not Over, Playtime Is For Everyone

    Exercising Should Not Be Hard Work, You Deserve To Have Fun.

  • Get In Touch.

    Recess is in the testing phase at Harvard Innovation Lab (Harvard Business School). Sign up if you would like to participate in a pop-up game for Summer 2023 in Boston!

  • News

    Awarded Spring 2023 Spark Grant at Harvard Business School Innovation Lab